As Told to Hood Intelligence’s Bunchy.

 So I got this mixtape with my boy LEGEND from Cali called “The Present and the Future” which is real hot. He put it together himself and I don’t even know how he got some of the records he has. It feels good to know a DJ thinks you’re worthy of his time to not just let you host his CD but do a whole mixtape of your joints. He did sneak on a song that I originally did for The Official Boondocks mixtape for the cartoon with DJ Wally Sparks.

I didn’t mean to leak that one until I got word from the show if they’re going to use it somehow and of course I wanted Wally to have the exclusive. But due to powers beyond my control The N Word done over The Roots It Don’t Feel Right is on the net. It’s sparked a lot of convo and I’ve gotten mad feedback from it. I hear the name of Nas’ album is Nigga so I guess my joint was right on time. The idea of this song came when my homie Angie had me speak at a panel for racism at St. Vincent Youth services for young black males in foster care. I didn’t have much to offer other than a story about my experience playing ball in junior college in Iowa for a year and growing up being a black male harassed by the police. Although the young dudes listened I felt like with a little more popularity I could’ve really touched a life or two.
Anyway the N-word came up and I heard different ideas about the word. One kid said we took the offense and negative connotation out of the word. Sort of like “queen bitch” or “superho,” we turned “nigger” into “nigga.” I get that one. And we really did. We made “nigga” a cool word that replaces “friend,” “guy,” “dude” etc. Another person said he uses it and when he’s around other people of different ethnic backgrounds they use it and it’s ok. My Spanish nigga, my Chinese nigga. We’re all minorities. I get that.

Then another man said he didn’t use the word at all because he grew up during the civil rights movement and the word still stings so there’s no way to take the negativity out of it. He was there during segregation and Jim Crow. His parents cleaned houses for white folks. “Nigga” was always poisoning to his ears. I couldn’t argue with that. Then there was a question that made me think of myself.


  I play ball with Caucasian dudes every week and when me and my boys toss around the N word I cringe a little because I know one day one of my Caucasoid boys may slip and use the word and of course we would all want to fight. Is that justifiable? Maybe but who’s to say? I actually have some Blanco friends that admit to dropping the N-bomb as they like to call it, of course in jest which is where my line about Brad and Steve come in (listen to the song/shameless plug). So like I was saying the question arose would you be upset if a Caucasian used the word. Everyone said yes and it kind of amazed me.Well not really but I didn’t hear anyone defend our stupidity with intelligence enough to say that if we made the word cool then why can’t they. We all know it’s the fact that that white person could be a racist just waiting for the chance to show it in the sneakiest of ways. It’s the same reason we can get away with calling them crackers or why comedians can base their careers off of Black/White stereotypes and have either be the butt of the joke.  It’s why George Jefferson can call Willis a honkey and why Chris Rock can say he hates niggas.

 We somehow feel like “the white man” owes us for slavery and segregation and racism. And now it’s ok to berate them publicly on their speech pattern, lack of rhythm, good credit, whatever. The N Word song just talks about all this shit in a clever way and is an attempt to get myself to stop using the word. Hoping that as I repeated the word in the hook that artistically it would irk me so much that I wouldn’t want to do another take in the booth. I hoped that hearing the truth in the verses would spark me to make a change somehow. It didn’t really work and it’s a shame I called out Jay-Z to help me out (see 3rd verse).             But its real, Jay is a major trendsetter that waves his hand and makes throwbacks go away, has all of us checking the back of Range rovers and now Cristal isn’t even in the clubs anymore.

I don’t know what Nas album is about but I got a verse for it. By the way the song he’s on on Jay’s album is crazy. Where was I? Oh yea nigga. I hear there are more nooses popping up and more racial inspired beatings on tape. We think we’ve come along way and then one day you realize people will always hate. This country was built on it. It just surprises us at times I guess.