Why We Dont RAT

The Stop Snitching thing has been marginalized as some sort of a Fad. Thanks to the help of the Stop Snitching T-Shirts.
Once again, the reactionary citizens of the hood as well as our favorite friend, the media has found a way to taint and demoralize yet another movement (note the difference between movement and organization)

The snitching thingĀ  really hit the fan with the Israel Ramirez situation. Or to some of you, the Busta Rhymes Situation.

I’m not sure where it has started,,but now there is an
Anti – Stop Snitching movement. And let me tell you. Some of you people are TOUGH. With your stories of stray bullets, and molested children etc. etc. etc. It makes it hard to defend- for some.

Its a good thing that some of this land is STILL America.
In The America that I Grew to know and Love you dont have to defend a damn thing about your personal principles (but you better be prepared to). So though I do not talk to police, I do not question your decision….please respect mine.
Because it is a serious a lifestyle choice, not a fad.

When i was 7 or 8 my father sat me down at the table. I saw him every week or so. Give or take. It was one sunday morning that he decided to give me that all important “Father-Son Talk”. No, not that one…He was 2 years and 3 porn tapes too late..

He said “Son…Don’t be a rat. The Police will tell you that if you rat, they will let you go…but they wont. They’ll lie and they’ll put you and your friend in jail. And when you go to jail,,.everyone will know that you were a rat. Just do your time son. If you didnt do it and your friend did it? Dont worry, Just do the time and come out.”
If it is possible for me to remember a 22 year old speech verbatim- then that is exactly what he said.

But why did he say it?
Had he recently been ratted on? Did he rat? My grand father was a loan shark/ money lender back in Panama. Had he given my father the same talk back in 1952? At any rate..it stuck in my head. Never have i told. From the 2nd grade good list-bad list to well…more adult issues. See, this was before the t-shirts. before “the fad”.

People say “Stop Snitching” is a HIP HOP thing. It isn’t hip hop. Its honor. Remember Oliver “I do not recall” North?
I doubt he likes RAP. However..he went before the senate committees and though he was clearly aware of all of this Iran contra middle eastern arms hostage nonsense..Of course the dynamics of his decision are complex, however, the principle is the same.

It aint hip hop. In Non-Black Organized crime, for example the alleged Mafia, (which i’m not sure even exists) the Alleged principle of Omerta isn’t based off of hip hop.
Lets talk about the POLICE. How about your Blue Wall Of Silence?
What’s that? That’s when Police Officers limit their cooperation with investigators when it comes to their own behavior not becoming a public servant. Officer Frank Serpico took a bullet in the face and was left for dead for it in 1971.
The indictment of Stop Snitching as “Hip Hop”, “Unrealistic” “Vigilante” or “Juvenile” is an attempt to marginalize our youth and portray us as an irresponsible and dishonorable generation. Now. Let us not get it twisted.
The term snitch is not a light one to be hurled about liberally. It is not a witch hunt that I am advocating.

Look, we aren’t talking about your friendly neighborhood grandmother; or a person who honestly believes that the police are here to protect and serve. By no means do i advocate putting a razor to the face of anybody who has that little blue shield on their speed dial. A certain understanding has to be lended to someone who selflessly observes the wrong doings of others and reports them to authority for the sake of obeying the law or ensuring safety.

This code applies to those who have, either through word or action, united them self with the idea that the police are not for the people, whether they are engaged in so-called criminal behavior or not. We never want to confuse concerned citizens with snitches. If you actually think that the police are here to protect and serve? You are not a snitch. You do, however, need to be politically educated. on the identity of the real criminals and your true enemy.
Most people call the police out of frustration, fear and ignorance. Knowledge overcomes all three.
This is not an insult. We all have needed crash courses in political education at one time or another.

I read the words of a well respected brother. He said that STOP SNITCHING best applied to revolutionaries like Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale and Che Guevara. NOT ‘innerganghood’ violent drug thug crime dogs. Hmmm.
I really dont know what an innerganghood violent drug thug crime dog is. I DO know that there’s a lot more to this campaign then the above sentiment. Agreed, it is a personal choice, but there is nothing revolutionary about talking to the police.
The Panthers abovementioned stood up against the police because they were facist. I dont think Huey P. Newton was for the prison industrial complex as long as people were “guilty”. I know that Dr. Newton spoke to the conditions that fostered and nurtured innerganghood mentality and actions instead of alienating the said population.

Ok. Well Mr. Victorious, what about the babies,,what about stray bullets hitting babies and children being raped, what about your house being burgalarized? Surely you arent advocating that the guilty people should be left free?
My answer to that is Hell No. With every action, there WILL be a penalty or reward.

However, we are here to say that the legislative and judicial system is so flawed that we no longer trust those who enforce these laws. I am not against punishment. I am against improper investigation of events, lack of interest in motive, MOB mentality, injustice and the such.

We ARE for community control! We say that each community should have people who instill and enforce codes of conduct that are respectful to and appreciated by the community. The rewards and punishments should also be agreed upon by council.
That being said, I am all for bringing offenders to justice. I just don’t think that we should invite an agency outside of our community or ideals to handle our personal or social affairs. This is NOT vigilantism.
A Vigiliante is One who takes or advocates the taking of law enforcement into one’s own hands. Unlike the above, I am not advocating a personal brand of justice. Street Justice is administered by the Police everyday.
Adding on, if you advocate the police’s form of street justice? Then perhaps you have an issue with what RIGHTS you think you deserve as a citizen of this great nation.

Violence begets violence. This being the case, I am aware that relying on the People/Community leaves you alienated by the LAW as well as the same people you have sworn to protect (the grandmothers and uncles and other concerned citizens).
I am aware that if you live by the sword you die by the sword. etc. etc. However, justice is for ALL…that being said,. whatever be..shall be.

In reality, the success in EVERY police operation from the Beat” to Crime Solving relies heavily, if not soley, on the cooperation of the People/com..munity.This being said, If the “Hood News Network” cant find out who- the Police damn sure would never find out. This is true because they rely on info from informants and witnesses. They work hand in hand.
The problem is that the people trust the police more than they trust themselves with this vital information.
Now, the only time crimes can be solved without the participation of the People is thru Surveillance (wire/video taps etc.) and we dont want Big Brother Watching us Do we? Of course not, becasue we dont really trust him.

This isnt a short term problem, so the solutions wont be either

Biblical Snitch: Judas. betrayed Jesus to the government with a kiss on the cheek for 30 pieces of silver. later hung him self wrought with guilt.

Biblical Stand Up Guy: Peter. Cut a soldier for trying to take jesus upon arrest. Later on denied he knew jesus whatsoever. three times. of course it didnt make any sense. However..he was keeping it Trill

Who The fuck would YOU be in the scenario? Be honest with yourself