The Powers Projects that be…. 

Moving right into the discussion at hand is the reality of  what we call The Hood inside of The Hood. Inferring that the hoods are  places where black, brown, yellow, red, and sometimes white live under circumstances that no other people would desire. Likened to war zones, prisons, and sometimes death traps.

Then you have The Projects.

Nestled snugly in the clutches of divide and conquer land- demonstrating that people can be divided and conquered in an array of landscapes, hills, sometimes mountains.

Men & Women  spread themselves thin without many chances to get  ahead with out the boost of a case manager or  agency coming to save the day. We call it what it is. I said it, we call it what it is, and it’s deep seeded, internalized & super sized so the beast can keep on.

IAsia, what beast are you speaking of?? How many lovers of G Dub do we have in the place?? (You know G Dub, the president of the u.s.?)  Well, the projects have their own types of  presidents, vice presidents, treasurers, and secretaries. You know what I mean: some people run shit, kind of run shit, are concerned with money, and the people who know the business, street level of  course.  The powers that be see that.

Look at the differences between them and us. They feel that they own the projects, and they probably do, however they don’t live there, do they?? Once a person internalizes an idea, and lives it, you can’t take that from them, so it’s better to just let us speak on it to get some basic understanding such as this. In other words, allow civilized people to do what they were mandated to do. Here is your hierarchy…

                               The Projects and the Powers that Be…

Federal government-White house, enough said. Who pass laws, bills, and provide funding for HUD.

The HUD Executive Director is appointed by the president of the US. So in addition to the Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, the president has his ED that get him and his systems close range to the men, women and children in the poor parts.

Each city has a HUD office

Each city has a Housing Authority.

Every Housing Authority must have a board, and the Executive Director’s bosses are found in the Board.

The Mayor appoints a Board Chair making the Executive Director of HUD, under the City. (Side bar, Board Chairs and Mayors are usually tight; you know play golf together, talk money, power, control, sex, all that shit)

                                      The Projects That Be

All Housing Authorities have what are known as Tenant Councils, thus allowing an impressive 2 housing residents the honor of being tenant council members or board members.

The Housing Authorities tenant councils bring the problems of the projects to the ED and his people in some type of a monthly forum, meeting. Giving the nice people a chance to eat some soul food, and see the hood side of the ED as he laughs, and acts like a big daddy listening to the people complain.. Side bar, the Board is concerned with a few things, and we would be crazy to act as if: money, purchase, and budget weren’t the biggest gist of their agenda.

What are you trying to say Asia? Well good people, if the projects are occupied to the maximum, and there are two people that are to be the spokes people for the rest of the hood, its no wonder why there are so many Christmas parties, and rib fests, and Easter programs, and things like that. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that the tenant councils manage the food banks, and look out for the programming, however my good people, CIVILIZATION is key here. The environment where women and children are supposed to thrive and work long side the elders who are usually the tenant council reps. The projects that be, and the powers that be collide more than they glide. They lack cultural sensitivity most times, and use the projects over all programming, intended for people, whether senior high rises or community housing to keep it blue collar????? You’ve got to be joking me right? How is it, that me and my people are out here teaching, living, and breathing in the illest conditions get what they get? I will be there continuing to grab those babies up by the arm full, car full, and whatever other way possible to get them in an environment to understand the full dynamics of the projects that be and the powers that be…..Your Sister in the inevitable conquering of Divide and Conquer

IAsia Azania