What To Do When The Police stop You


Never, ever consent to a search of your car or your person.

Even if you are “clean”.  If you are walking, you are NOT obligated to show your I.D.

No matter what they say. This is not apartheid. Showing them your I.D. Is a bad mistake if you are in OR out of the “system”. Once they type your name in that little computer, or write it on the pad, it could be bad news for you. 

Use your discretion. Maybe you have somewhere to go and don’t wanna waste time quoting the constitution to the officer…Either way, know your rights in the matter. 

If you are not reasonably suspected of violating the law, they really shouldn’t even be stopping you. If you are NOT under arrest? Then you may LEAVE.

(If you are not aware of your comrade’s status, you may want to comply, but it is your choice. Not an obligation. Your true obligation is to make sure your comrade knows his rights as well as you do.) 

If you are driving, you must show your driver license and registration.

Anything else, stay quiet and say no. If they have cause to, they will search the car anyway, but if you agree to search (in car or person) you give up the right to fight it later on in court.

They tried the “if you don’t give me your I.D. we’ll have to take you to the precinct’ jazz on me many times…” But I aint been there yet.  

Remember, even if they threaten to bring the dogs out to sniff around the vicinity, you keep your cool and repeat that you do not consent to a search and wish to leave. And yes, this is even if you are not carrying contraband. Why?

Two Reasons



If you ARE arrested, don’t say anything at all. Don’t try to weasel your self out of it.

Save it. Just Make that Call. 

Everyone should have at least one person in their life that knows what to do incase you get arrested.

It should be someone that can get the word out quickly to your comrades and family. And of course it should be someone who answers their phone.

If you don’t know who you can call – take the time out immediately to choose that person. Let them know that they are your emergency contact and inform them of what you will expect from them when the time comes. 


Do not carry anything incriminating on you or that which may otherwise implicate your comrades. This may be anything from phone numbers to pictures. Whatever you have on your person, imagine if a detective were allowed to analyze it. Would you want your phone number or info in the pocket/phone of some one that has been arrested? Start using codes or fake names in your cell phone.  

Better yet. Take it back to the old school – expand your mind:

MEMORIZE phone numbers. It takes longer to subpoena phone records then it does to scroll down the bleep of a dumb or careless hustler, finding contacts such as “Baby Mama” “Killa” and “Rico Da Connect”. Yes, I know that its easier said then done. I mean, what if your connect’s name is Rico? 


This one is on you? If you are dirty or have warrants on you, you can either do all of the above and delay the inevitable, admit to the officer right away that you are wanted or carrying contraband you can fight or you can flee. I cant answer that one for you. I know people who have done all four..some at the the same time. in that order. Remember, these people are trained to handle all four so whatever decision you make, be wise..


I currently reside in New York City so some of these things only apply to the ‘so-called’ laws of my city.

 The Principles, however, are the same in every city.

I’m not a legal expert, but I have been advised as well as trained by some of the finest revolutionary legal minds of our time. Not all, just some. Of course the list is long (smile). 


1 Comment

  1. myaba said,

    January 16, 2009 at 3:59 pm

    so, tru… once you allow them to obtain that information it is a wrap. I have seen it happen. ON point in so many ways. Remembering numbers are very necessary, we depend on technology to much. I am speaking for myself…

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