The night of November 4th 2008 (the day after the 39th observation of Black Solidarity Day)
I fell to rest watching a movie on my laptop around 10pm.
I was awakened by multiple gunshots.; It was then that I turned the Television on, confirming what the gunfire already had screamed to me. The Democratic Party’s Candidate won the election for Presidency.
I let the info soak in for 24 hours, the concept had been marinating in my head  for a month or so prior to Election Day. Never the reactionary, it was important for me to search my own mind and weigh all facts and circumstances in order to find and speak on the truth.
I’m ready now. Speaking to one of my comrades i have come to the conclusion that  I’m gonna KEEP banging on this system TIL WE FREE.
I will admit, that one of the mistakes we made as radical (as opposed to conservative/liberal) revolutionaries is that we made allowance for, and at times inspired, the  personalization of the beast. Manifest Destiny/Imperialism was the enemy before George W Bush or his father were glimmers in Prescott Bush’s eye. Nevertheless we advocated and led chants of ‘Fuck George Bush” as if he were the enemy. George Bush is not the enemy, he is just doing his job as President Of The United States.
Ladies and gentleman, kings and queens, comrades and spies-
just as there is more than one way to skin a cat – there is more than one way to steal an election.
They who have Ears, let them hear.
 Today i am Sad, Proud, scared and ashamed all in one.
You have just witnessed the election of the most unaccountable (cant do no wrong) president since George Washington.
Below are ready made  excuses which can only make the current President elect a
‘Teflon Don’ of sorts.
1. Image Preceding Principle: ex – “He’s not perfect, but he’s Black and thats the important thing. ex. We showed the world and our children that Blacks can be president  and can do anything they choose to do.  
 2.  The Token/Door Opener  ex. “He can’t make certain changes, he’s gotta play the game, you   know how it is. But its just the beggining, he’s opening the door for other blacks to Play The Game.”
3.  The Conspiracy ex. They set him up to win so he can fail and say “see, its because he’s black’. In other words, they gave us a black president so people would never vote for or desire a black president again (?)

4. Not His Mess “Bush left him a mess – He needs more than eight years to make change.”
5. The Spook That Sat Behind The Door Theory – “He’s just saying that so the white folks will vote for him, he’ll change once he’s in. Lets just wait. Be Patient”.
6. Good Cop Bad Cop– ex- Anything is better than george bush.
What Obama supporters have done is pledge allegiance to this man regardless of whom or what. It is dangerous when a people do not have the ability to question and criticize their Leader. How much more dangerous is it when the people dont have the Will to do so?
He is one politician that doesn’t have to lie. He can say what he wants and as long as he punctuates each speech with the words: CHANGE or HOPE or DREAM well then there goes that Wasckally Wabbit Again. 
Today i spoke to someone and the topic was how The President Elect supported the decision of the Sean Bell Murder case. I was told “he’s not always gonna be perfect”
I dont expect him to be perfect, but why do we come together on a street level to support a man who wouldnt lend us his support in a critical time?
What most dont know or choose to ignore is that the President Elect didnt have the social experience or the cultural background of the people who were busting their guns in the air outside of the pentecostal churches their were grandparents praying in last night.
So I dont expect him to understand or address the problems those people face.
His father was Kenyan, yes, but he never knew this man and was instead raised by his maternal grandparents in Hawaii who he admits were themselves ‘racist”. 
Now be clear – This doesnt make him less anything except for in touch.
In short – “every brother, aint a brother”. Maybe this is why he supports AFRICOM
The President is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States.
Plain and simple. So lets cut the peace crap out. they dont make Presidents who dont go to war. They never have, and they never will. The first president was a warrior and the last presidnet will be a warrior.

The President elect doesnt want to end war in the middle east.
He states that he wants to bring the WAR in IRAQ  to a respectable, responsible and honorable end and move the concentration of efforts to Afghanistan.
Here’s the thing – what does that actually mean? And how different is that from the respectable, responsible and honorable end that George Bush has been speaking about?
Does anyone notice that the projected length of EXIT time became longer and longer? Then it became a 18 month REDUCTION (not exit). Its pretty much the same plan Bush had.
to end terrorism.
based on 9/11.
Like we dont know 9/11 was staged by (fill in the obvious blanks)
Now for those that say that  he was just saying that to win over republican votes:
How can you trust a man who you imagine is saying whatever he has to say to get elected?
So Let me get this straight. McCain was lying when he said Barack had a hidden agenda?
but now, when faced with the REALITY of his ways, words and actions –
McCain was right after all? What part are they right about? The Muslim Part? the Marxist Part? the black nationalist part? See the thing is, we have let our emotion distort our understanding and guide our imagination. just because he’s black.
 Above notwithstanding, regardless of what he says; he votes for war and for hundreds of billions of dollars to be allocated to war – not to mention a cool 15 billion for “military construction” The last time was june of 2008. But he knows that most people dont review voting records. Hell, most people dont even know who they voted into congress.
 Colin Powell and Barack Obama getting together was more of the same mind trap..
Because we fell for the capitalist ruse of racism along with  imperialism driven tribalism;
 all we see is two black brothers getting together for change.
Have we forgotten Colin Powell was the republican party’s chief War Monger? Lets not get it twisted. He’s for Peace hunh? George Bush and John McCain all said that too.
But as a senator, does he VOTE for peace or did he vote for billions more to be advocated to the Iraq-Afghanistan War?
Until he is speaking on the immediate cessation of funding for war and moves to dismantle the apparatus that implements schemes of regime change around the world- you can kill dat noise about peace.
“The truth is that my foreign policy is actually a return to the traditional, bipartisan, realistic foreign policy of George Bush’s father, John F. Kennedy, of in some ways Ronald Reagan.” – MARCH 29 2008.
Now, a rational person is going to
1. research the veracity of this quote
2. research the abovementioned policy
What are YOU gonna do?
He has said “Israel is a small USA and USA is a large Israel” and pledges that “Jeruslam/Israel will remain undivided forever.”
How can you be about peace when you take such a Staunch stand? No president has ever gone that far. But Obama pushes the envelope. No wonder that he chose Rahm Emmanuel as his Chief of Staff (do your homework)
 Now he’s about peace, but he plants his feet in the ground and gives the middle finger to Palestine – and of course, the Islamic World. So where’s the peace, when he is not even for giving a Piece of Land (Back, might I add!)
When we all know this is the source of most of the TURMOIL in the world.
Again, the guy supports AFRICOM and in the same breath tells you he relates because of his absentee Kenyan father. He’s pimping you. 

Does Obama plan/support the removal of private insurance companies from the healthcare equation and the institution of a single-payer healthcare system? Not at all.

I have my own views on the toipic, which i will not infuse into this missive. However, I will point out that Obama says he is for one side of the subject, but thrice has he voted the opposite way.
No, actually, in June 2008 while he was talking about that – he voted to allocate 178 million to Federal prisons. which is almost 50% of the $352 million he voted to combat drug trafficking and related violence in Mexico, not to mention $65 million for similar programs in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and certain Central American countries.
Sounds noble enough. but we already know how the USA moves in these type of situations.
The War on drugs is the War on the people and is just an excuse to backstab their partners and seize land as well as human resources (prison/slavery) and i mean that from Mexico to Manhattan.
Revolutionary Democrats
They dont exist. At best, the President elect is a Right Wing Liberal.
‘The Democratic Party, as history has demonstrated time and again, is the graveyard of all social protest movements.’
 He boldly supports  anti-social legislation that is fashioned to destroy the black babies you wish to view him as a role model.
And the thing is – we aren’t really listening to what he says. We really don’t even care what he says. We just say it sounds good. Its his charisma, great marketing and a very big promotional budget. Even if he had the best intentions in the world, his hands are tied because the system cant run on liberation.
follow my analogy: He promises you to have cars running on water but his history shows that he votes for cars that run on oil – but its irrelevant because cars dont run on water anyway.
Dear Beloved, we have been sold out..
This man has the minds of damn near every black in the world and you say you don’t care where he tries to lead us?
 OK, Obama used to “organize” in Chicago. He moved to the south side and for 2 1/2 years organized churches in the community to form a network to utilize their power to change their neighborhoods. This was 1985.

Bobby Seale Is the co founder of the Black Panther Party For Self Defense. And its EX Chairman.

He helped Huey Newton develop the Ten Point Platform.

so now check out:

Bobby Seale’s BarBQueing Bill of Rights.

now, i’m not downing bobby seale, butlet me say this. Barack didnt do 2% of the organizing Bobby did and look where that leads you. Tell me your LATEST not your GREATEST. Decades Later Obama would betray the very same neighborhoods, he and his man Mayor Daley.

When the president decides to free every political prisoner and grant an appeal/new trial to every Prisoner of War- I will support Him and this country. A respected sister said that you “cant love Assata Shakur and not support Obama”. I was revolted by that comment,
however – If the president grants full pardon to Assasta Shakur I will concede.. So far though, months ago, Obama voted to keep the PATRIOT ACT alive…
 I know, lets just wait. and see.
to my Obama supporters – look, its ok. I understand what motivates you, however you have to call a spade a spade. We ALL could use some political education, dont be prideful about it. If Obama shows and proves that he’s about liberation of African/Asiatic people throughout the world, then I’m all for him. until then, i refuse to let my imagination run wild with me because i have need-a-saviour syndrome. Being of Carribean Parentage – I know all about Presidents that look like the people. A student of neo/colonialism, I know all about a presidnet that looks like the people. Its not all that its cracked up to be. They gave us an overseer, that – and lets keep it real,. our babies STILL can’t relate.
 Thats like telling a coal black nappy headed actress that she can win an oscar because Halle Berry did. its a far stretch. and PASSING aint history (whether it is intellectual or otherwise).
to my homies who are artists, singers, athletes  and writers in the public eye – your voice is your weapon, your drums are your weapon, your pen is your weapon as is your blade, foot and gun.
This is a battle of Mind and Heart so your weapons are perfect –
 Don’t let anyone insinuate otherwise. You have humbly, boldy and bravely put yourself out there as a figure head, target, scapegoat and pin cushion for this freedom and have motivated hundreds of thousands to save themselves and others. We appreciate the efforts.Clean your weapons,train and each one teach one.
To you armchair revolutionaires. My whole entire fam has concrete record of fighting for this freedom in all ways practical. you may research that on the street or in the system.
So please, save your Triple Dog Dares and “what are you doing”‘s.
you should be lucky we do whatever it is we do because if we didn’t we would be implementing the 2009 Drop Squad. So relax your self. What we are doing is Galvanizing the people and erasing mental ignorance and saving babies.
To all you Rounda Bout Guerillas and Obamalutionaries, please Reada Bout Garvey and know that brother Woza taught us how to punch a man or woman so that the BADGE flies directly off of his/herchest. So choose your side and watch how you speak to me on the phone. 1984

 Its either US or US you dig?



there is a whole lot to be said, just do your research.



  1. November 9, 2008 at 5:11 am

    understand the most elementary form of domination is direct. OB in the spot where they jail we like crazy

  2. November 9, 2008 at 5:14 am

    Oh, i mean ‘they’ as in whites. akak people who can identify themselves as white

  3. Mya B said,

    November 11, 2008 at 6:31 am

    Thanks for sharing… You are victorious in the statements that you made. It is so sad to our people going coocoo for coco puffs. Any person who works for this shitstem as president or a cop, is a sell out and will do us no good. They will be a puppet regardless if they want to do good or not.

  4. Brandi D. said,

    December 2, 2008 at 2:07 pm

    Finally somebody is not blinded by color, but I’m quite confused maybe i didn’t understand clearly when you were speaking about Bush. When you say ” he was doing his job” was that a direct quote from your own mouth or was that said by someone else? I don’t believe at all that the last president did his job or the the presidents before him, so that sister or brother lol i’d have to disagree. I strongly agree that our president elect was but a pawn in the governmental agenda, so that when he f’s up even a little bit, we would be back at square one.

  5. Victorious - said,

    December 2, 2008 at 2:33 pm

    Its interesting that you would disagree with that part.
    I would have to ask: what you see the job of the president usa to be?
    I think George bush did a hell of a job as President.
    .Victorious, FTG & E.I.CHEIF
    Oh and sis, we aint neva left square one
    Welcome to the site.

  6. Bernard said,

    January 14, 2009 at 12:06 am

    As a brother of both Caribbean and American-Black parentage, I commend you on an excellent blog entry. It is refreshing to see analytical-objective thinking from brothers and sisters who haven’t drank the O-koolaid yet. I was beginning to think I was alone in the Twilight Zone of Black-ignorance about Obama.

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