ness-solo1 NESS of A-ALIKES (RBG)

H.I.: The fight between good and evil just got interesting. What does Obama mean?

NESS: Ok, Ok, Ok… what can we say. In brooklyn people went crazy just like they did all over the country and around the world. Barack Hussein Obama is the president of the United States of America. What does this really mean? Already I been hit with a thousand text messages. Black people are excited and feel that this election is a step in the right direction in our struggle for freedom, justicde, and equality in America.
We not here to be naysayers but in the same token we aint here to except just any ole’ bullshit this system going to throw at us.

A-ALIKES L. Ness aka P-Red  R. K aka A-Black

When will black and brown people be repaid for the atrocities of slavery and beyond. Obama is not repirations. They have now put a black face on imperialism. great! The political system that is in place here in the U.S. is not the only option. In the same breath its going to take way more than just “the bullet” for us to get true freedom, justice and equality but understand that without the bullet we will not get free. The powers that be will never just hand over the reigns of power to the poor and oppressed working class. We will have to rip it out of there hands.

Our people might not be organized enough to have a successful armed rebellion but we sure are ready to be free from this oppressive system that sucks our community dry, sends our people to jail at a disporportionate rate, and exploits us to death. So thats where Obama comes in and gives our people a false sense of hope, pacifies us, and keeps us believing in the idea of “The American Dream”. THE AMERICAN DREAM IS THE OKIE DOKE. People in this country and around the world have suffered and continue to suffer to keep that idea going. AMERICAN DREAM = OPPRESSION.


 Please dont get distracted by the distractions. Stay focused. The president of America is still the president of America. Until America addresses the fundamental problem of white supremacy and at least attempts to repay the debt of slavery (which is the capital which this entire country was founded on) we still dealing with the same shit, no matter whose president. Even if it was my mama. So until further notice Obama is the Enemy. how bout that? We bout to see what side you really on. Us or Them. Who’s us and who’s them? Thats the question. What side you on? The poor and oppressed African working class or the powers that be that keep their foot on everybody’s neck. the People versus the Pigs.It aint a easy pill to swallow but this is the reality of what we dealing with. Its like the Matrix except this aint no movie. RED pill or BLUE pill. Blind fold or no blindfold.

 as told to Bunchy of Hood Intelligence

(L to R)Bunchy of H.I. & NESS of A-ALIKES

(L to R)Bunchy of H.I. & NESS of A-ALIKES

Ness is a 1/2 of Revolutionary/Reality Rap Duo A-Alikes (RBG)

A-Alikes film “The Ballot or the Bullet” produced by Paul Biedrzycki is set to release on October 30th. The film follows the NY rap group A-Alikes over the course of the three months leading up to the 2008 Presidential Election. While each political party has built their platform on the theme of “change”, A-Alikes specifically address what type of change individuals want to see in America. A-Alikes speak with figures such as Chuck D, Joy Bryant, Rosa Clemente, M1, Umi, and Immortal Technique, asking the question, “How do oppressed people gain freedom: through participation in the political system or through armed rebellion?
It offers an unbiased look at BOTH sides of the issue
View the Trailer here




  1. E Bey from Cali said,

    November 10, 2008 at 7:35 am

    How do oppressed people gain freedom: through participation in the political system or through armed rebellion?

    Neither solely.Pending revolution we must understand:

    This political system must be a mere tactic (locally) for the
    overall understanding of how government is ran and how we can have the ability to
    govern our selves.They cannot be separate. So all the ryders that are
    willing to die, and the leaders who can lead …or some who can hold both
    posts must be willing to unite as one. To politicize the community,
    and empower their ability to understand their conditions and their
    stake/role in uplifting…is part of the overall strategy. Independence…then interdependence….

    What good is an armed rebellion to a people who has no knowledge how
    to govern themselves. If our freedom was handed to us on a plate freely, we wouldnt overstand what to do with it.
    Huey said,” the guns dont make us Revolutionary…The pigs have guns…it is
    the intention behind the gun….”

    But the gun…and the willingness to use it…cannot be eliminated for
    fear of bloodshed. This is the fettered nature America has used to
    continue slavery.

    Like Hezbollah…they were the self admitted/proclaimed manifestation
    of the BPP example. Armed rebellion and government. The difference is
    their government have no allegiance to a flag. Their allegiance is to liberation.

  2. myaba said,

    January 16, 2009 at 5:01 pm

    This doc was HOT. Onto a nice start, something real to relate to. Take the power back. We have to be the Change, NOT OBAMA…

  3. StayWoke said,

    March 2, 2010 at 8:06 pm

    My UZI weighs a ton and so does yours.
    Don’t be like a lazy kid, son. Get up and do your chores.

    Whenever I speak truth to power and from my heart to the masses,
    another crack appears in the wall of the 10% classes.

    Poor Righteous Teachers it’s time be Masters!

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