Immigrant on the look out……
The other side of the story
For me its ill because I never felt like such an immigrant in my life, as I did on November 4 2008.
Im on the outside looking in
I knew i wasnt voting however i wanted to be a part of it somehow, so I did heavy work with Election Protection and the Black Political Empowerment Project, Pittsburgh.
When i heard the next day that he won I was easy and balanced for lack of better words. Just cool. And I knew exactly why…
When protecting the rights of voters I focused little on the men and woman and on the rights of the people.
My focus was so heavy on that , I used my community mindedness as my weapon to

a) kill the left out feeling of not being able to vote and b) focus on elction protection
I  got heavy jewels.
It was ill because when I arrived to the headquarters in Pittsburgh early that morning 5:30AM to be exact, white and black people were high energy, intense, and my contacts there were just the same. It was ill how people assumed that I understood everything that was going on.
I didnt. I never voted, never been in AN election protector, never touched or seen a ballot so I had to watch closely and pick up quick on what was happening around me.
So I hit up the front table and got on with the affairs.
I learned that in Election Protection that the Lawyer was the most important and the people were the second most important. Let me explain:
The Lawyers names were all on huge pieces of paper that detailed their assignments, ward/zone they would serve, the hour of the service at the polls, and thier contact information.
They were the people that I had to call prior to the election, of course I didnt fully understand why, but I went with it, did the script and made sure that people from various areas, cities and states would come and help. They did.
They were to assure: deception (at the poll), intimidation (at the poll), voter purging, fairness to people with disabilities, fariness to people with language barriers, student voter issues (to name a few)were protected and honored.
I didnt know that a judge was to be present at the polls in Pittsburgh (not sure about the whole country) to deal directly with any additional challenges.
I learned that affadavits were a part of the Tool Kits that we had for the people at the polls, and in  the event of funny business at the polls, that the affadavit could turn into a legal document at the speed of light.
I respected how there was literature for people with records in Pennsylvania and the way they needed to handle themselves as well. Im not the expert, but I was doing the knowledge heavy
So for me the Protection is what moved me.
I actually felt kind of numb, and homesick.
At that moment I was like I gotta go home, where I can vote.
I had to confront the idealogies that came my way, and the harsh criticisms I got about my alien status and how I need to get dual citizenship.
I find it hard to see my self pledging allegience to this country and reciting and doing all this shit that I dont even want to think about.
So for an immigrant and muthafuckin alien it was a different thing for me on that day and the day after.
I know alot of us immigrants felt glad and all that other thing, but damned empty cause you wonder would cats come to your country to learn the history and struggle and custom of the people like I did here for my people? I dont know.
My lessons say “me and my people been lost from home”, and thats how I felt on November 4, 2008
I aint listen to the Chicago speech until the next day and felt the same way
Election Protection I respect. I made my day there and that was cool It was all I could do.
All of it aint have me running to the state building to get US citizenship papers, it made me want to go back to Azania (commonly referred to as South Africa)

I Asia


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