You are What you Eat; Self refinement



by Jahrule

The root word in “refinement” is “refine”. Refine means to bring something into a pure state; to free or separate from impurities or other extraneous substances to cleanse something or to make it better…In one word: Improvement. Thus the act of refinement is only to improve something.

We always speak very highly about the cleanliness of our minds, our thoughts, our environments, our homes and many other ciphers of life; however, unfortunately most of us often tend to forget or neglect the application of refinement of our own physical bodies. I’m sure that we can all agree that a cleansed mind needs a cleansed body and a cleansed body needs a cleansed mind.  Just as a strong mind needs a strong body and a strong body needs a strong mind.

For example: would u accept clean water from a dirty, germy, disease infested glass? Would u accept dirty, germy, disease infested water in a clean glass..? The water and the glass must both be clean (refined) in order to get your fullest attention and consumption.

The same applies to our bodies. The water represents the mind and the glass represents the body. They must both be right and exact in order for them to do what they are presented to u to do.

Imagine: U wake up one day in a dark place…very little next to no physical light at all…and as u look around u…u see real dead animals…u see dead pigs…u see dead cows…and dead goats…dead chickens and pigeons. and dead turkeys…and dead fish still flapping…the stench (odor) of the dead flesh is Horrific beyond nauseatin. U want to vomit but u can’t for some reason so u have to keep it all in…The animals have been there for a long time and they have been and are continuing to decompose. As u watch these animals decompose, u see all of these very little forms of life crawl from the inside out of their skin. A good portion of their skin has been eaten away by these grimey little forms of life…then u recognize these little life forms as parasites and worms eating away at the animals’ (carcass) dead flesh…U see this happening to all of these things around u…then u notice that the worms and parasites are even on the floor and the walls of where u are…but u don’t know where u are…u just know that u are somewhere you’ve never been before…and u have all of this filth around u…then u see and feel that the parasites and worms have attached themselves on to you…and now they are making a home for themselves on and in your flesh…and from there your are just straight up surrounded by this and now this filth is all that u know…the sight of the worms squirming around on the dead pig …and stench of the cow decomposing…and the same with the rest of the animals the stench of the dead chicken and pigeons…is all that surrounds u…even the little bit of vegetation u manage to notice…

Now, u have been in this place for quite some time now…and naturally…your body needs food. Thus and so u become hungry…u need something to eat…u don’t want to eat the flesh of those animals for fear that they will infect u will something….but u have to eat something or else u will die of starvation…u start to wonder around in the dimly lit place…and after a little while…u come across some vegetation…as u pick it up and prepare yourself to consume it…then out of no-where all of the worms and parasites suddenly crawl up your arm and hands and devour the vegetation before you do…then u look down and see that all of the vegetation that u were going to eat has been infested with all these parasites and worms…u look again…and u see that each one of them has just laid what looks like up to 5,000 eggs in your immediate area. While the parasites and worms are eating the vegetation and animals and the food that u were going to eat…now u see them taking a shit and pissing everywhere…the walls.

The floors…the ceiling…on you…and all around you and on your food…at this point…u notice that there is nothing else to eat that hasn’t been infected/infested…by these worms and parasites…so as a last resort – u go ahead with the first plan…which was to eat very little of the vegetation…but u can’t help to be over whelmed by the stench of the dead animals…and the feces of the worms and parasites, u see the parasite eggs hatching…and now there are more of them to deal with…just as u begin to eat…u take a bite into your food then feel a crawling sensation on your tongue and roof of your mouth…then u notice that it’s worms crawling around….they have eaten the food before u were able to swallow it…now all they have left u with was the scraps…they have eaten the best part of the food. they have depleted the food of all its nutritional value for their own survival…and have left u to eat the worst part…as a result…after a while u have become malnutrition and are faced with a vast abundance of health complications …more than u know or understand…

The purpose of this story is for us to envision this dark place as inside our own bodies…or even as at the moment of mental or physical conception…that baby has no idea where its at…all it knows is that it has to eat something…now..(most of) us as people…all of the above is what is taking place inside of our bodies right now as u/we read this…. We have dead animal remains inside of us from our savage days when we consumed all of the wrong foods. We still have dead cow remains (hamburgers, steak, ribs, roast beef, etc..)…dead pig remains (bacon, ham, pork chops, ribs, spice-ham, etc..)…dead Chicken remains…(wings, legs, neck, gizzards, back, etc,..)…Dead turkey, Goat, and Fish remains occupying time and space in our bodies..…. We have invited them in…and they have never left…and now they are living rent free in our bodies as their own homes…. They have been there for as long as we have been eating it..and each of them have their own set of parasites, worms, and other viruses that they carry…thus when we eat them…we put all of those parasites in our bodies…and they never leave (because most of us don’t know that they are in there)…

Yes…some of us may say that we don’t eat meat/flesh anymore…but how many of us have taken the time, energy, and concern to go through a thorough bodily cleansing (refinement) of these parasites and worms afterward…. it serves no purpose to mentally or physically consume the proper foods if we don’t clean out the garbage that’s already there…reason being…if u don’t cleanse yourself of those parasites…the food(s) u eat no matter how healthy it may be…the parasites and worms get it and eat it first…piss and shit it out….and their piss and shit is what your body breaks down for its nutritional substance (parasite and worm piss and shit)…any living germ and/or organism living in our body eats and shits several times a day everyday…

So just like we bring in the exterminator to our homes once a month to rid our homes of insects and rodents…. The same must be done with our personal home which is our body…We must take parasite cleansers and Colon cleansers and detoxifiers often to rid our bodies of all or at least most of its outside impurities…When I mentioned that the worms were all around on the walls and floors…that was symbolic to our intestinal walls, colon, bladder, and other major organs of the body…these parasites are passed on to others from bodily fluids, saliva, sweat, blood, urine, etc…. This is why we must keep ourselves cleansed internally as well as externally. This is why we should wash our hands before eating and touching ourselves and after using the bathroom. Instant contact of these fluids on another person and the parasites and worms have found a new home on the other person. And if we don’t keep applying the science of “Keeping a home” (our body)…”How to Raise Children” (which is ourselves once we get and understand the knowledge of ourselves.) we are needlessly subjecting ourselves to unnecessary sickness (Cancers..Etc..) And ailments such as Acne on the face and body, fatigue, headaches, high blood pressure, weak bones and weak blood. All the above mentioned could be avoided if we just apply our Supreme mathematics and manifest the reality of refinement….because like we all know…cleanliness/refinement has to start from within first…Cleanliness is a reflection of godliness…

Let’s stop being bloodsucked by our own taste buds…

Any questions comments or concerns

My Name is Jahrule


Proper Education Always Corrects Errors



1 Comment

  1. myaba said,

    January 17, 2009 at 1:54 pm

    “bloodsucked by our own taste buds…” A lot of times we don’t even think about this, but it is so true. We are what we eat and our body is our temple, but we allow our animalistic mememory of things we grew up on or that is a part of “our culture” to indulge in…

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