Bunchy of HOOD INTELLIGENCE caught up with Lox/D-Block’s Styles P. 


H.I.  Because of  your song I’m Black,  you’re known to some people as a Hardcore MC with a Political edge: Was this your first song making a social statement? Or have people been missing the essence of your music?

S.P. Nah, I been doing that, probably was my first song. Nah, I couldn’t even say that, cuz there was one on my last album. I forgot the title of it, but it was like off of an Al Green beat (ed. note the song in question is Listen which samples Al Green’s Love and Happiness)

H.I.:   Do your fans appreciate the socio-political side? Or does it alienate them?

S.P. I mean I wouldn’t Call It exactly political. I just call it the human side             I wouldn’t call it political, I call it  being a fucking human being.

H.I. In The past, there have been people that didn’t want to touch D block  based on opposing forces out there. Who has done the opposite? Who has shown love to you regardless of whom or what?

S.P. The Streets, ALWAYS. Anybody in the industry, I don’t care about who’s against us or who’s wit’ us. You know? I just let it be.

H.I.   How did you link up for the song Comrades Call  with M-1 of dead prez?

 S.P. I liked their work, I always seen them and always told them that I enjoyed their music. I love their work, then there was one day, I forget where we was at. He was like ‘let’s link up.’ I was like Hell Yeah, so we just did the joint.


H.I. Anything planned for the future?

S.P. I hope to be on their next album- I definitely got some shit to say on there.

 H.I. The title of your first album was A Gangster and a Gentleman, a lot of people use this phrase now..Was it something you coined or just something you made more popular, because I never heard it before your album.

S.P.  Nah I made that up myself. I mean that’s just the truth, I was working on my solo album. I wanted to give them me. It was time to give them me.  And I thought that was the best way to describe myself.

H.I. That was a few years ago. Do you hold the same description of yourself?

 S.P. Right now you could call me a gentleman and a gangster. Same description, but you can switch it around. I’m more gentleman than gangster nowadays.

 H.I. What song represents Styles P the most?

 S.P. The song that I did that represented me the most, they shot me under the door with it.That would have been I’m Black.

 H.I. How did that work out for you?

 S.P. It didn’t.

H.I. What did you expect? Who did you want to be embraced by…if anyone?

 S.P. I would have hoped it would have been embraced definitely. I did it more so the fact that it needed to be done. I’m a rapper with so much street credibility; it would be better hearing shit from me, somebody from the streets cuz the people could relate it more. I feel like it something that needed to be said you know?


H.I. Did you lose or gain any fans by doing I’m Black?

 S.P. My core audience knows that I’m going to drop a jewel anyway, I might not do a whole song, but that’s part of Styles P. So, some people expected it from me. I just looked at it as something that needed to be said.  

I make street music; I don’t really give a fuck to tell you the truth. You like it you like it-you don’t-you don’t, if you feel it you feel it, I’m happy for that, if you don’t? Then you ain’t gotta listen to it. Listen to something else. I’m not really a worrisome artist like that.

 H.I. You’re more natural. 

  S.P. I been doing what  I do for years naturally and people love me for it so I stick to the script

H.I.  I’ver heard you say that you are not a half ass emcee.What does a half ass emcee sound like?

 S.P. About 50% of the industry

 H.I. When you write a verse..

 S.P. : I don’t write, shit flows through my head and I gotta put a song in my head when the beats on. I’m a spur of the moment kind of guy.

H.I. Are you still in the same community?


S.P. I’m a block away from  The Hood. well we’re in The Hood, but a block away literally from MY Hood.

H.I. What do you have on your mind that you haven’t put in a song as yet because it may have been hard to manifest?

 S.P. I used to have that problem; I had that problem before I came out of jail.

 I would have said It woulda been I’m Black If you would have asked me that before. I mean me, I express myself most of the time. Wait, I have to take that back. Before I go out, I gotta do a song breaking down the wickedness in the game and the people in it.

 H.I. What are some of the things wicked things in the game that we have to look out for?

S.P. Everything and everybody in it.

 H.I. Is there anything that  you saw when you were coming up on the outside looking in that you didnt like about rappers and the industry that you found yourself doing? 

 S.P. Nothing that I saw in other rappers.  I wish that I wasn’t so…but you cant even say that, cuz everything happens for a reason…and you learn from your past mistakes and the things you are.But I wish people didn’t know that I would stand up for myself so much… I wish I would have did that quieter. You know?  I wish I would have just had my temper cooler in my earlier years.

Then I would never have got locked up and lose money and my family have to suffer from my mistakes. I would say that. Being locked up and spending lawyer money and bail money.

H.I.  So that would pretty much explain the shift in the order of the gentleman and the gangster?

S.P. Yea. It would

H.I. So now how do you stand up for yourself? Most people think that when some one is on the offensive, there is only one way to respond.

 S.P. It’s about calming down for the moment, I guess not reacting off the moment, but before I  used to react fast off the moment. People knew that I would be the one to flip fast. I just didn’t want that pinned to me.

H.I. Obviously there are alot of people who wont take heed to that right away, but do look up to you. The reality is, if people want to bang, they will bang. If you could tell them to bang for a certain thing. Lets say out of Money, Power, Respect Or Freedom? What would it be?

S.P. Freedom First. Freedom is more important than everything. Freedom and Respect is on top of the line too. It’s a toss up.

H.I. One of your parents are African.

 S.P. My mom is South African.

 H.I. Have you ever been?

S.P. Nah

H.I. Ever plan to?

 S.P. I was supposed to go before my ass ended up in jail. I have some trips I’m supposed to go, but I kind of want to go to South Africa first. Then I’m good. Definitely so.  ASAP.

 H.I. Do you still have any roots out there?

S.P. My mom…all her family is gone.

 H.I. So it’s a personal trip.

S.P. Yea indeed so, I don’t have no family back home








  1. Mr.$@vVY said,

    October 18, 2007 at 10:42 pm

    Werd life That was The prophet I seeing God Shine Through His Werds ,but I know We Are All Gods Sons Shining But It is The tool To educate Our Seeds Teach them Like Grandma Taught us The heart our Gold can never Be tarnished I’m A gem the seed of A Scholar In Reacarnation Of what my Ansesstors choosen To come From amny We All are intitled To Freedom but The price of it Are We All Ready To Sacrafice Your life And Luxuries For it think About The meesages We Send Each Other with out The Woman Which is key in The Society of Black Families It Starts When We honor And cherish them The Sysytem has STudy how To Eradiqate The Black male Who shapes the Children The Law giver ,displinary , our Teacher i very First Teach With Out him in The Picture The Streets or males Who Already Fell To The System Then Continue the miss Eduaction What they were nurtured in or Grown that Emphises Could be used As the Study of The Black rose in The Concreat jungle Wise Words Life Light Faith And Eudation of Where i come Form who my Roots Desend their Tribes history of gencide That Went on in our family And how The Vatican CHurch Clergy had To dill with this Harindious Murder and savage coruption this Erased from history

  2. myaba said,

    January 17, 2009 at 2:22 pm

    so nice to hear that from a youth. Sometimes we try so hard to be something we not, the youth need to hear that it is cool to be black and proud. As Peter Tosh said, “No mind your nationality, you have got the Identity of an African…”

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